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Tiger Brands Food Service Solutions

We are proud division of Tiger Consumer Brands that lives to serve the chefs, the cooks, the sous, the preppers in the day-parts and the long night shifts. Whether it’s in a 5-star hotel, a cafe, or the food truck down the road, big or small, we are there for the sore feet, the kitchen heat and the smiles that make it all worth it.

And that is why our goal is to offer every professional kitchen and pantry in the Food Service industry a one-stop, total solution that is reliable, consistent, and backed by real quality. Tiger Brands’ best-loved South African heritage brands give you the confidence and support to make real food, real easy.

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Why us?

We’re the maker of SA’s best-loved brands since before many of us were born. Our brands are the ingredients and confidence behind the moms that made the next generation of passionate foodies and food service people possible.
  • Shopping Basket
    Widest Basket Offering In SA
    A TOTAL food solution means one-order, one-delivery and one-team of SA’s best brands backing your kitchen.
  • Shield
    Superior Quality
    Tiger Brands are some of SA’s best - this means more confidence, less risk and better food experiences.
  • Credit Card
    Money Back In Your Pocket
    One order and one basket means less time out of the kitchen.
  • Ticket
    Value for Your Money
    Our quality products perform the best in their categories this means better value for money and improved stock efficiency.
  • Heart
    Inspired Innovation
    Our solutions make everyone in the kitchen’s life easier - so that they can focus on their business and their customer.
  • Microphone
    Real Brands
    Customers appreciate genuine brands and can taste the difference - Tiger brings the finest of South African flavours to enable your kitchen’s creations.
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REAL Food Industry People

We serve both food service and business-to-business customers. Our food service customers include distributors, franchised restaurant groups, hotel groups, catering groups, airlines and institutions. herever there is a kitchen or a pantry, we will be there.

We also supply, through selected distributor networks, independent restaurants and coffee shops, independent hotels, game reserves, lodges and bed and breakfast establishments. We can proudly claim that every food service establishment throughout South Africa uses at least one, if not more of our brands.

Our business-to-business channel offers ingredients and raw material solutions from different business categories, many of them the leader in their particular category. These product offerings are available in various pack formats to suit your needs. We provide customers the peace of mind that comes from purchasing from modern facilities equipped with the latest technologies that produce SA’s best-loved quality brands.

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