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Jungle Snacks Mix Seriously Citrus 12 x 6 x 50 g

12 x 6 x 50 g
Product Code:20-8576
Ingredients: Base [oats flakes (gluten), oats curls (oats flour (gluten), barley flour (gluten), rice flour, sugar), sugar, vegetable oil (palm fruit)], Cranberries 20% [cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil (sunflower seeds], Blanched giant peanuts 15%, Macadamia nuts 5%, Almonds 10% (tree nuts), Seedless Raisins 20% [raisins, vegetable oil (sunflower seeds)]
The Heart and Stroke Foundation
 Primary Packaging Pouch
 Nett Mass 50 g
 Shelf-life 10 Months
 Kosher  Y
 Halaal  Y
 Preservatives  Y
 Colouring  N
 Allergens  Contains peanuts and tree nuts
   Per 100g
 Energy  1593 kJ
 Protein 11.2 g
Carbohydrates  53 g
Of Which Total Sugar 33.4 g
Total fat  13.1 g
Of Which Saturated Fat 2.6 g
Dietary Fibre  13.6 g
Total Sodium 41 mg
Vitamins   N
Store in a cool dry place

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