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Beef Bourguignon with Benny stock cubes

This recipe was inspired by Julie Child's famous recipe for Beef bourguignon.  Benny Beef stock cubes brings an iconic South African flair, especially when served with our recipe for ACE Creamy Samp.

Yield: 10 portions

  • 250 g Steaky Bacon, cut                                     
  • 60 ml Olive oil
  • 1,8 kg Stewing beef, bone in, cut into chunks                             
  • 200 g Carrot, medium dice                                
  • 200 g Celery, medium dice                                 
  • 400 g Onion, medium dice
  • 15 ml Salt                                  
  • 7,5 ml Ground black pepper                               
  • 30 g Golden Cloud Cake Flour                                        
  • 750 ml Red wine                                      
  • 1 l Boiling water
  • 4 Benny Beef flavoured stock cubes                                      
  • 30 ml All Gold tomato paste                               
  • 30 g Roasted Garlic                             
  • 20 g Thyme
  • 3 Bay leaves                                    
  • 1 kg Baby onions                                
  • 1 kg White mushrooms, quartered                              


  1. In a large pot:  Sauté bacon with carrots, onion and celery in 15 ml of olive oil until the onions start to turn translucent and the bacon starts to crisp and set aside.
  2. Dry the meat to improve the browning process.  In batches, in a frying pan sear and seal the meat of each side, adding oil as needed.  Add browned pieces to the bacon mixture.
  3. In the pot (off the heat) with now seared meat, bacon and mirepoix season with salt and pepper.  Toss and sprinkle with flour coating each piece.                                 
  4. Over low heat, sauté and cook the flour coated ingredients for roughly 5 min, taking care not to burn any pieces.                                                         
  5. To the pot add the wine, boiling water, Benny beef stock cubes, tomato paste, garlic and thyme.                                              
  6. Ensure liquid is enough to cover meat and vegetable and bring to a light simmer.                                                      
  7. After it has reached a light simmer reduce the heat, cover and gently cook for 4 hours.  Checking periodically that nothing is catching at the bottom.                                                          
  8. Optional:  When meat is soft, you can sort through the meat removing any connective tissue, excess fat and bones.                                                        
  9. When meat is almost done, add in the baby onions and mushrooms and continue simmering until cooked through.                                                    
  10. Optional:  Strain beef stew through colander and into pot.  Reduce liquid for 15 min, skimming any fat off. Add the stew back in and simmer for 5 min.                                                
  11. Plate or serve you beautiful stew with Creamy Ace samp.  Garnish as desired.                                                        
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